Arlee Suede Oversized Bedrest Lounger Review

Arlee Suede Oversized Bedrest Lounger Review The Arlee Oversized Bedrest Pillow is one of the biggest options on Amazon. This is the main benefit of the pillow, so if that’s what you’re after, then you’re on the right track. The pillow is 19 inches high, 36 inches wide and 24

Cooling Mattress Pads

Best Cooling Mattress Pad 2017 As we are now coming out of the cold winter months, overheating at night becomes a big disrupter to a good night’s sleep. I think everyone can agree that waking up in a sweat sucks! A week ago I decided to find a solution to

Best Headphones for sleeping 2017

Best Headphones for Sleeping (updated for 2017) Gone are the days of getting sore ears when sleeping with your headphones on. There are now a wide range of options to choose from so that you can sleep through the night while listening to whatever kind of audio you want – from

Best Body Pillow – The top options in 2017

Best Body Pillow 2017 Are you suffering from a poor night’s sleep? It is such a common issue which can often be easily fixed. Body Pillows are designed to help with many common problems and to provide comfort. Discomfort brought on by pregnancy, hip and back pain, to strained muscles. All

Wedge Pillows – The best options we could find

Best Wedge Pillow 2017 Are you on the hunt for the Best Wedge Pillow on the market? Well read on and use my investigation to help you decide. I have thoroughly investigated Wedge Pillows from many websites & manufacturers, and collated all the information into this guide. Make sure you

LinenSpa Reading Pillow Review

Finding the right reading pillow among the many choices on Amazon can be a hard choice. The quality varies greatly, as does the experience. In between the poor quality rebranded imports,  there are a few pillows that are made well, and are comfortable – the LinenSpa Reading Pillow is one

Find the Best Husband Pillows of 2017

Best Husband Pillows 2017 Choosing a product is really difficult with the wide range of options. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best husband pillows of 2017. Hopefully this list can show you the top options and help you make an educated decision because nobody wants to be

Why are they called Husband Pillows

Why are they called Husband Pillows? Often called Reading Pillows or Bed Rest Pillows with arms, Husband Pillows are used for support and comfort on the bed or sofa. Often they are used while reading, watching TV, using a laptop or gaming. They have picked up various names due to

Bed Pillow with Arms – Cleaning Guide

Bed Pillow with Arms – Cleaning Guide An important topic to speak about regarding the ownership of a bed rest pillow is how to keep it clean. I do no recommend putting the whole pillow in a washing machine (even if it fits)! If the pillow does not have a