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Best Mattress Protectors

The sleep technology (or the technology used to make beds, mattresses, and such) has progressed so far that we can say with certainty – this is a great time to be alive. Up until recently, we’ve struggled with our sleeping habits, and we tried to sleep more comfortably, but to no avail. Dust mites, bed […]

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Best Side Sleeper Mattress

Side sleepers are people who spend their nights sleeping on the side, it’s obvious, but why is this important? What happens to our bodies when we sleep on the side? First of all, our spine is in a different position when compared to sleeping straight on our back – people who sleep on their backs […]

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Best Cooling Mattress Pad

As we are now coming out of the cold winter months, overheating at night becomes a big disrupter to a good night’s sleep. I think everyone can agree that waking up in a sweat sucks! A week ago I decided to find a solution to this issue, and it turns out there are a lot […]

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