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50 Types of Pillows for Better Sleep & Relaxation

Bed Pillows 1. Memory Foam Pillow Memory Foam Pillows have become one of the most popular styles of pillow. Originally designed by NASA when they were looking to create a more durable padding material. It is a dense foam with holes throughout which still allow it to be breathable. These pillows are made from a polyurethane […]

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Why are they called Husband Pillows?

Often called Reading Pillows or Bed Rest Pillows with arms, Husband Pillows are used for support and comfort on the bed or sofa. Often they are used while reading, watching TV, using a laptop or gaming. They have picked up various names due to the different uses. In the past they were commonly referred to […]

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Bed Pillow with Arms – Cleaning Guide

An important topic to speak about regarding the ownership of a bed rest pillow is how to keep it clean. I do no recommend putting the whole pillow in a washing machine (even if it fits)! If the pillow does not have a removable cover, it will need regular cleaning with a damp cloth. There […]

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