LinenSpa Reading Pillow Review

Finding the right reading pillow among the many choices on Amazon can be a hard choice. The quality varies greatly, as does the experience. In between the poor quality rebranded imports,  there are a few pillows that are made well, and are comfortable – the LinenSpa is one of the best of the bunch.

The LinenSpa Reading Pillow is firm and cozy for maximum comfort your relaxation time. Its inside is filled with shredded foam, which responds well to being fluffed and molded to suit your body. It has a velour cover which is soft, and comfortable, and also breathable to keep you cool. The pillow provides great support for your back, which is ideal for long sessions of reading, watching, or snoozing!

The back is a medium height at 18 inches high, which may not seem like a lot, but it provides great back support. you can put another pillow on top of it if you want head/neck support. Between the armrests is 10inches, which is a snug fit for me (I have wide hips).

At a weight of approximately 5.3 pounds, it is not too heavy, but it has enough weight that when you pick it up you know that you have a quality piece of furniture.

The rest of the dimensions are shown below.

LinenSpa Pillow Dimensions



The pillow has a plush velour cover. Velour is a soft material that is very similar to velvet, but it is made out of polyester. This makes it a hard wearing, long lasting and easy to clean cover, while remaining very soft. It is a neutral grey color so it is unlikely to clash with anything in your house. Visually it looks like a quality product, so it shouldn’t be out of place even in the classiest of homes.

The fill is a shredded foam which is very malleable, so you can be sure that with a bit of fluffing/molding, you can work it into the shape that suits you – although you will probably find that shortly after unpacking it, that it is the perfect shape!


LinenSpa are an established brand that don’t just make pillows. They have a wide range of products, and provide a long 3 year warranty on this product. The warranty covers manufacturing or material defects, not misuse. This basically means that it should last for 3 years with normal use. If you have any problems, just contact them and they should be able to repair or replace it.


In the communities that I have checked (amazon and others), this is a highly regarded product. On Amazon it is currently the best seller with 450 reviews, averaging 4.3! For an item as subjective as a pillow, this is a very good rating which is very rare in this category.

The main negative points all appear to be around the cushion taking time to expand after being delivered. When it is packed it is compressed down, which means it may take 24-48 hours, and a bit of fluffing up to get it to look like the pictures.


In my opinion, the LinenSpa Reading Pillow is the best in the category. There are some more expensive options which provide better support, but if you are looking for a fairly priced product, do not overlook this option.

Other Reading Pillows

Brentwood Originals Plush Bed Rest

Brentwood is the other big brand in the reading pillow category. They are specialists in making homewares, and have a huge range in their selection, including reading pillows.

The reading pillows in their range are a simple design, which is suited to reading in bed. They have a selection of different cover styles, from fun bright colors, to simple designs which will blend into your existing decor.

The main benefits the Brentwood range has over the Linenspa is the price. The RRP of the brentwood is almost half that of the Linenspa, and at that price the brentwood isn’t far off in terms of comfort and quality. Officially it is 20 inches high, which makes it quite a bit bigger than the Linenspa, but reviews have shown that this does vary a bit due to the foam being compressed in transit and use.

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