Why are they called Husband Pillows?

Often called Reading Pillows or Bed Rest Pillows with arms, Husband Pillows are used for support and comfort on the bed or sofa. Often they are used while reading, watching TV, using a laptop or gaming. They have picked up various names due to the different uses. In the past they were commonly referred to as reading pillows because only 15-20 years ago laptops, tablets, and other portable devices were rare.

The name Husband Pillow came from the fact that the pillow is supportive, and has arms that wrap around you. This experience can be much like having your husband holding you from behind. One possible source was a husband who was sick of propping up his wife, so he created a pillow for her to use, and named it the husband pillow.

They are now sometimes referred to as boyfriend pillows as getting married is seen as out of fashion to some. Boyfriend pillows can also refer to a 1 armed pillow which has recently gained popularity, but they are not typical husband pillows. Boyfriend pillows are typically not used for reading in bed, but if you are looking for something to sleep with, you can find our top rated on our website.

Another popular use is by pregnant and nursing women as a type of maternity pillow. The pillows are designed to provide back and arm support, so many women find that they help support the body, and their baby.

Similar products

Wedge pillow – These have at least a couple of uses. One is to prop you up while you sleep. If you are recovering from an injury, have a bad back, or just like to be propped up when you sleep, these can help. Another use is to turn it around, and stand it against the wall on your bed. This way it can be used as an angled pillow.

Pyramid Bookrest Pillow – Rather than sit/lie on these, they actually go on your lap. They are designed to be a comfortable book or tablet holder. If you are looking for somewhere to put your favorite book while you’re in bed, these are worth a look

Cotton wife/husband pillows – These pillows can help if you are lonely as they give you something to snuggle up against. If you have a friend or relative that has just gone through a hard breakup, this can be a good gift to help with those lonely nights